Thanks for the seminars which we just recently completed. I had never attended such a series of sessions before and went in not knowing what to expect. What I came out with was not only a lot of very good information and techniques, but also some things that weren’t actually even on the agenda. I’ve found that I’ve become more conscious of how important it is to not “manage by reflex” as I call it - that it’s much more productive to approach a situation after a pause so that you can not only marshal your thoughts, but realize which opportunities exist to apply the tools that we’ve now been given. I think you’ve made a real difference, so THANK YOU!
— Aaron Braunstein Manager, fusionOne, Inc.

Lesly is an exceptionally talented professional, who provided the necessary skills and expertise to help me navigate an extremely challenging merger. As a CEO pulling together two troubled software companies, I was faced with challenges that were largely focused on the management teams and all of the associated dynamics that accompany such a transaction. Lesly was able to quickly and objectively understand the two unique cultures, and the people dynamics that were a product of the merger. She was instrumental in helping to get clarity, direction and focus throughout the organization. Lesly’s ability to take a very complex situation, and distill it into a simple and clear framework was invaluable. In addition to her professional capabilities, she is simply a pleasure to work with.
— Mark Pecoraro former CEO, SuccessFactors

As a result of our coaching work together, I asked Lesly to engage our twelve member team in a visioning retreat. In preparation, she helped us to key into the most important issues for the team. During the retreat, she facilitated masterfully, which allowed people to speak their minds fully in an open dialogue. She kept us focused so we were able to achieve our main objectives. Most importantly, she enabled us to craft our own next steps so we could carry the momentum into the future. There is renewed energy within our team, and the improvements have been trememdous!
— Georgette Wong Investment Advisor, U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray